First Tire LTD Co . one of the leader tire companies in saudi arabia anf gulf region

with the long time experince in industrial tire business we provide the solution for all fileds situations for all construction and minning companies

we and full range of industrial and agricultyral tires we can supply tires from Rim 6 to Rim 57

The new ( SolidAir SKS ) technology

SolidAir SKS skid steer tyre advantages:


• Driving comfort improved by 40% compared to a solid tyre

• Massive tread pattern for excellent traction on all grounds

• Lasts 3 to 4 times longer than an equivalent pneumatic R4 tyre

• Unique cost saving reusable wheel: replace the tyre only

• Easy to fit on the wheel with the Solideal Quick system

Our Products

• Industrial Tires

• Forklifts Tires

• Bobcat Tires

• Agricultural Tires

• Solid Tires

• Loader Tires

• Passenger Tires

• Dumper Tires

• Crane Tires

First Tire LTD Co

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